Virtual Child Outcomes Birth to Five (0-5): Early On & Preschool Special Education Training


February 04, 2022


Training is from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM


No Fee


This virtual Child Outcomes training is open to individuals in all service areas and is designed to assist personnel in understanding the federal and state requirements regarding Child Outcomes and the associated SPP/APR Indicators for C-3 (ages 0-3) and B-7 (ages 3-5).  

Participants will be presented with information about the origins of the outcomes and the overarching goal as well as the three global outcomes. Information and practice will also be provided regarding the skills and information needed to accurately collect and report outcome information.  Participants will practice using the Seven-Point Rating Scale, The Decision Tree and the Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF). Both Part C and Part B procedures will be discussed.  In addition, similarities and differences between the two will be highlighted.  

Training documents and a ZOOM Link will be emailed in advance to to those registered for the training. Participants are asked to make hard copies of the following three documents:

  1. Age-Anchoring Tool - MEISR COSF 2007
  2. Rating Practice for Child Outcomes Birth to Five
  3. Decision Tree for COS - EDIS Process

Additional documents and resources available upon request.

SCECHs will be offered to those who supply a PIC number when they register for the trainings. On the day of the training, please join the meeting separately from other participants and use a screen name that aligns your name. With these measures in place we are able to provide you with credit for attendance and any SCECHs you have requested. 

We look forward to being with you. Please let us know if you have questions or if require any specific accommodations.

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Jean Wassenaar
Mark Kuipers

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