Unpacking the Pyramid Model - Segment 5: Understanding & Preventing Challenging Behavior - FULL


February 25, 2022


Training is from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM


Based on the newly released book, Unpacking the Pyramid Model: A Practical Guide for Preschool Teachers, this course of five individual segments focuses on crucial topics associated with effectively using Pyramid Model practices with children ages 2-5. The five crucial topics include 1) Classroom Environments, 2) Emotional Literacy, 3) Friendship Skills, 4) Problem-solving Skills, and 5) Challenging Behavior. Participants are encouraged to register for all five segments.

This course is designed for teachers, providers and administrators of programs serving preschool-aged children in general or special education settings. During each segment participants will be invited to deepen their understanding of the Pyramid Model framework. Time will also be afforded to expanding the use of effective practices and materials that support the social-emotional competency of children. The focus topic of this segment will be:

Understanding & Preventing Challenging Behavior

Each segment will be facilitated by an instructor from the Pyramid Model Consortium. In addition to explaining the framework of the Pyramid Model, the instructor will spend time discussing the effective use of one or more resources from the “Pyramid Model Consortium Tool Kit.” A question and answer time will be included in each segment. This time is provided so that participants are may secure clarifications to any questions they have regarding their implementation and use of the Pyramid Model practices and materials.

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Supporting the Implementation of the Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model not only identifies evidence-based practices, but also provides guidance to programs about how to support teachers in using the practices with fidelity. The Program-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model refers to a systemic effort within a program for Pyramid Model implementation fidelity. In program-wide implementation, a leadership team guides the implementation process and develops the supports and infrastructure needed to ensure that implementation of the Pyramid Model can occur within the classrooms and services provided to children and their families. Components of the Program-Wide Approach include: Leadership Team, Staff Buy-In, Family Engagement, Program-Wide Expectations, Classroom Implementation of the Pyramid Model, Staff Professional Development Support Plans, Behavior Support Procedures, and Data-Based Decision Making. Additional information on Program-Wide Implementation can be found at https://challengingbehavior.cbcs.usf.edu/Implementation/Program/index.html.


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Anna Winneker, Pyramid Model Consortium

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