Discover the Michigan Personas: A New Tool to Support Your Work


March 01, 2022


Training is from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Faculty and presenters: Do you like the examples you use in your courses and presentations to be engaging, current, and relevant? Coaches, mentors, supervisors, and other leaders: Would you like some fresh and effective examples for supporting educators to learn about and implement evidence-based practices? Check out the Michigan personas. Hear from Members of the Michigan Persona Project Team and other current users as they share their experience and examples of ways to incorporate the Michigan personas.


Personas are short stories about a child and family. Each persona offers information about the unique composition of the family, details about the child (name, age, likes, dislikes), and insights about who the child is as a learner. When access to diverse children and families disappeared during the pandemic, the personas were developed to provide “access” to children who are diverse in culture, language, ability, likes/dislikes, learning styles, and life circumstances. Now personas are being used to support engagement, learning, and applications connected to a wide variety of topics, including supporting dual language learners, individualizing for the needs of each and every child, and using culturally responsive practices. 


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