Early On Data Webinar


June 20, 2024


Training is from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM


No Fee


This Early On Data webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Numerical results from the Spring 2024 collection
  • Information on how to use the to-be-sent targeted emails based on the Spring 2024 MSDS submission
  • Potential wisdom for use of the End of Year "Reopen Window"
  • Explanation of the Services sections in the Data Profiles
  • Questions and Answers

If you have problems connecting to the webinar please call (866) 334-5437. This webinar is being recorded and will be posted in "News and Notes" at a later date.

The PowerPoint will be emailed prior to the webinar to registered participants.

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Colleen O'Connor, Part C Data Manager

Deadline Passed:

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