2023 Social Emotional Webinar Series

Pyramid Model Infant Toddler Webinar Series (Social and Emotional Health)

This is a Social and Emotional Webinar and Coaching Call Series Sponsored by Early On® & the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Division of Mental Health Services to Children and Families.

Facilitator: Mary Mackrain, IMH (IV)- Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor- MDHHS

More about the Webinars:  This no-cost series offers 5 webinars on the typical and atypical social and emotional development of infants and toddlers, covering topics such as temperament, attachment, nurturing environments and more, using the National Pyramid Model modules enhanced with Devereux Early Childhood Assessment strategies. Additionally, coaching occurs within webinars to provide a peer-to-peer learning community for sharing successes, barriers and ideas for using information from the webinars.  

Who should attend: Staff working with infants, toddlers and families in the home or caregiving setting (childcare, home visiting, playgroups, etc.) or administrators who want foundational information regarding social and emotional development to share with staff.  

Each Module is 1 hour and 15 minutes and will include 55 minutes of content and interactive learning and 20 minutes of coaching on use of resources and interventions shared. 

Information is sequential and those registering are signing up to attend the entire series as part of a cohort. If someone signs up for Tuesday sessions and misses one, they can join the other series to “make up” the session if possible or listen to the recording to stay in sequence. 

Pyramid Model Infant Toddler Series

  1. Module 1: Understanding Social & Emotional Development
  2. Module 2: Understanding Behavior: Reading Cues
  3. Module 3: Forming and Sustaining Relationships with Young Children and Families
  4. Module 4: Creating a Positive Social and Emotional Caregiving Climate that Promotes Play Skills
  5. Module 5: A Relationship-Based Approach to Addressing Challenging Behavior


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