EarlyOnData.com Video Tutorials

In the following videos Allan Knapp, Early On Data Specialist, describes how to access useful features and information with the EarlyOnData.com website.  The Introduction video provides an overview of the types of data that are compiled as well as how to access and sort service area data.  The Profiles video shows how to access service areas' information and the variety of information found within.  The Rankings video identifies how to compare service area data.  The 618 Tables and Public Reports video reviews the data that the Michigan Department of Education must report to the Office of Special Education.  The Basic Calculations and Advanced Calculations videos discuss accuracy and how percentages are computed.  The COS Reporting and Ranking Additions and the Services Definitions and Calculations videos describe the newest sections of the profiles.

Use these videos as a data resource and re-visit as often as needed.  For additional questions, contact Colleen O'Connor, Part C Data Manager,  at oconnorC1@michigan.gov