2022 Inclusive Classroom Profile™, Research Edition (ICP)

The Inclusive Classroom Profile™ is a comprehensive, field-tested tool for classrooms serving children ages 2-5 that assesses key practices with the strongest research base for supporting the education and development of young children in inclusive programs.

December 2022

Using the ICP to Assess and Promote Inclusive Classrooms - Kent ISD
December 13-15, 2022
Kent ISD - Educational Service Centers, Grand Rapids

This training focuses on effectively using the Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP) to assess and promote effective inclusive practices within the general education PreK setting.  The ICP was developed by Elena P. Soukakou and is now available through Brooks Publishing. This training is available to those participating in the Inclusion Builders initiative.  Participants will take part in a two-and-a-half-day training. The first day will consist of a half-day overview of the tool and will... More