2022 Other Training Opportunities

EOT&TA is pleased to provide information about the following training opportunities offered by Early On® system partners and other entities. If you would like your training listed here, please e-mail eotweb@edzone.net.

March 2022

Creating Equity During Family Visits - Webinar
March 23, 2022

This session will engage participants in reflective thinking around how their own beliefs and experiences shape their expectations for interactions with families and behaviors in virtual settings. Discussion will include strategies to work with families in ways that build caregivers’ capacities while honoring family identity and culture. https://militaryfamilieslearningnetwork.org/event/118077/  

April 2022

Connect and Collaborate for Birth-3 Early Interventionists
April 26, 2022

Connect and Collaborate for Birth-3 Early Interventionists: This meeting is designed specifically to support early interventionists in Michigan whose  work is with infants and toddlers, birth to age three, with delays and/or disabilities, and their families.  We will share experiences, ideas, tools, and resources helpful in the field of Early Intervention.

May 2022

Culturally Sustaining Coaching Approaches - Webinar
May 24, 2022

This session will introduce six early intervention adult learning principles that service providers can use to support caregiver learning during visits with families. The connection between culturally sustaining practices and coaching practices that support learning for caregivers and children during family routines and activities will be discussed. Strategies for implementing these principles and practices during virtual visits will also be highlighted. https://oneop.org/event/118080/  

September 2022

Ensuring Smooth EI Transitions - Webinar
September 14, 2022

This session will highlight tips early intervention service coordinators and service providers can use to facilitate smooth transitions for families 1) when moving from EI to the special education system, and 2) when relocating from one EI program to another. https://oneop.org/event/118083/    

November 2022

Using Family-Centered Strategies to Address Challenges - Webinar
November 16, 2022

During this session, research on benefits and challenges of tele-intervention will be shared to lay the groundwork for reflection with participants about their own experiences. Discussion will also include culturally sensitive, family-centered strategies for addressing these challenges during virtual early intervention visits https://oneop.org/event/114591/